Our mission

As a professional one-stop telemedicine platform provider and carrier,Beijing GrandhealthAccess Telemedicine Co.,Ltd (short as GAT)’s mission is to transform healthcare in China by developing and integrating secure efficient health delivery system that improve access and quality of medicare while eliminating unnecessary time and costs. Our vision is simply as “Quality, Equality, Timely healthcare for all.”

GAT’s integrated solutions (including: telemedicine stations, examination cameras, connected medical devices and software) allow for dynamic collaboration of healthcare professionals at remote locations by providing real time or store-and-forward telemedicine.

Company profile

Beijing Grandhealth Access Telemedicine Co.,Ltd is a professional telemedicine provider for hospitals/medical institutions in China and worldwide. It was founded in 2013, located in Xizhimen, top medical resource-gathering zone of Beijing, China. The founders and 80% management team of the company have bio-med educational background and rich experiences in the field. We set up theDocbookTM Platform by integrating advanced international hospitals; the Grade A Chinese hospitals (located in Beijing,Shanghai,etc);provincial capital hospitals & medical institutions; and hospitals & medical institutions in city/towns.

We provide one stop telemedicine services, mainly including distance education& training, academic videoconferencing; tele-medical consulting; tele-real time clinic; teleradiology; telepathology; and remote surgery, etc.

Our cooperation hospital network includes more than 2000 hospitals and 40000 doctors all over China. More additionally, we are setting up medical consulting and training network with advanced hospitals globally.

Introduction of DocbookTM telemedicine platform

DocbookTM telemedicine Platform is developed and integrated by GATelem since 2013, focusing on providing telemedicare and distance education services between hospitals & medical institutions.

Telemedicine can be beneficial to patients living in isolated communities and remote regions, who can receive care from doctors or specialists far away without the patient having to travel to visit them.

In China, the medicare resources are distributed unbalanced, most of top and experienced medicares are located in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, or other big cities. It’s quite difficult for remote patients reach to the advanced medicare. With the DocbookTM platform, remote patient can not only get consultations from experts in top hospitals/medical institution, but also reduce the need for outpatient visits and enable remote prescription verification and drug administration, potentially significantly reducing the overall cost of medical care via tele-consultation.

DocbookTM Telemedicine can also facilitate medical education by international & national wide videoconferences and interactive trainings, which allows workers to observe experts in their fields and share best practices more easily.

The capacity of the platform system is big enough to hold big real-time videoconferences with 2000 sites all together; while, typical ones are the videoconference with 5-10 hospitals, which allows the full discussion between the speaker and all participants. The integrated high-definition hardware and facilities ensure the quality of the conferences and training.

Currently, we only offer professional tele-consultations between hospitals/institutions in China, ensuring rigorous medicare results for both patients and doctors, which also meets the regulatory issues in China so far. The tele-consulting application has to be done in a primary (remote) hospital after the local doctor’s full check up and discussion, together with all the diagnostic documents, such as imagings, supporting results’ data, pathology results, etc.

Contact information

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