DocbookTM Distance Education & Training

Distance education is one of the mayjor services of the platform. The main purpose is to introduce the most advanced and updated medicareinformations & knowledge to primary level hospitals; to deliver the rich experiences of experts from top hospitals to primary hospitals/clinics in remote area. Through the platform, experts helps to answer puzzle questions, solve problems, broarden thinking ways, standardize medicare procedures, and obtain the skills of making diagnosis and giving treatment.

The capacity of the platform system is big enough to hold big real-time videoconferences with 100 sites all together; while, typical ones are the videoconference with 5-10 hospitals, which allows the full discussion between the speaker and all participants. The integrated high-definition hardware and facilities ensure the quality of the conferences and training.

DocbookTM platform integrates national and international wide medicare resources for the distance education. It’s the quick, simple and convenient platform for timely delievery the most advanced academic developments, eliminating costs for transportation and conferences

Academic videoconferences

Each year, we hold 3-5 big videoconfernces with around 20-30 top hospitals in China, regarding hot topics and latest treatment techniques for different departments. We are also including some advanced speakers and hospitals internationally from the United Stated & Japan.

Training contents & courses

The platform offers different distance training courses:

Routine training: Monthly training courses schduels are putting on the website, primary hospitals in remote areas can pick up their interested topics to join in.

Curricula-variable Training: Primary hospitals can propose topics or courses specificly upon their demond, the plateform then arrange the speakers and courses accordingly.

Video Training: Some courses will be recorded and set up on the plateform website, the users can order the training video anytime upon necessary.

The training contents can includes all aspects of medicare, mainly:

Clinical Diagnosis and treatment training;

Imaging Diagnosis training;

Advanced bio-medical and basic research training;

Hospital management, etc.

Training management and IT supporting

All the training process are managed by the platform with standard SOP, the typical length of one course is 60-90 mins, together with 30 mins discussion. The whole course is controlled and monitored in MCU (multipoint control unit) of the platform. A questionnaire will be collected and feedback will be given to the speaker.

The security, stability, professional, efficient, and friendly characters of the system ensure the distance learning efficient and reliable.